July 17, 2016

(dit is de Engelse vertaling van onze originele blog van 21 juli jl)
Dearest readers,

In this blog I would first like to discuss a few things that are mentioned in a lot of our messages. For some of you they may not be totally clear, so I will elaborate on them – but I want to use them also as a step up …
Without wanting to impose anything on anyone, just from my own point of view, my own feeling and my own Truth.

Love, Veerle

RV, GCR, prosperity and wealth … what about them?

RV means Re-Valuation. This encompasses all currencies and bonds, worldwide. We all know that our money has no real value anymore because all (central) banks can print any amount of banknotes without them having any counter value in precious metals (eg. Gold, silver or platinum) or precious stones (eg. Diamonds). Therefore the value of all currencies must be brought back to normal standards. This is the first step to freeing humanity from the debt-slavery.

GCR means Global Currency Reset. After the RV, all the wealth (currencies and bonds) will have to be re-distributed among the people – ALL the people. It can no longer be that a small handful of people can’t fathom their wealth, while all a long the rest of the world has to labor for (way to) little pay, or worse: has to live in the greatest poverty.

In order to fairly distribute all this wealth among each and everyone of us, every and all (in-just) debts MUST be pardoned. Why do I mention ‘in-just’ and why only those? Because not every debt can/has to be pardoned, eg. a loan or mortgage that has been provided to buy a house. The sum of the mortgage will have to be paid back in full. BUT … all the taxes and exorbitant high interests that come with them, those will not be counted anymore after RV and GCR. This will make the total burden a lot less, since only the basic mortgage will remain to be paid.

The sky searing interests and fines that are imposed on the governments or countries by private banks like the World Bank and the Federal Reserve will no longer exist. Thus, the need for high taxes and the urge to economize will cease to be and the new government of every country can put this money to use for their own people. This is the second step in the freeing of humanity from the grasp of the Cabal and it is yet another stepping stone on the Path to Ascension.

As soon as the people are freed from the strangulation of their financial burdens and they no longer have to face the threat of poverty or lack, they will be able to focus on their awakening and their spiritual growth … which opens the door to Disclosure: the announcements of our governments about the many decades of contact/cooperation with Extra-Terrestrials, the presence of spaceships around the Earth, the help that is given unto us by the crew of these ships, and much, much more.

The next step will be meeting up with the inhabitants of Inner-Earth as well as the Ships. After that, our mentors can start working with us, to prepare us for the last steps of our Ascension, including the Light chambers.

This is – in a nutshell – the plan that we are now working on or will be starting to work on very soon (this depends on where we stand in our process of awakening). All of the above consist of information and knowledge that we have received in several messages from multiple sources.

Some time ago I had a couple of really interesting conversations with an expert on a subject that at first seems to be very practical and ‘down to earth’ (the people who work with this do consider it to be all that!), but after I had been listening to it for five minutes, I just knew: ’this is 5th Dimensional, pure and clear – and I just HAVE to share this with our readers’!

‘Sensational’ … yeah, I guess you could call it that!

As of 2009, there have been put out in the world a variety of new concepts on the matter of fair and transparent financial transactions. This was done for several reasons, the main one being the need to keep any wealth with the people. This is a system in which it is impossible to drain off money or take it away from people in a dishonest way. Agreements cannot be broken, because they are carried out automatically within the Bitcoin Blockchain. No more stealing and cheating. It will no longer be possible to print/generate fiat money (the unlimited printing of money, that has no value whatsoever).

Of course the world of banking and the governments are not pleased with this development. One would expect them to try and stop it then … but they don’t. One possible reason for this could be they are hoping – by not mentioning it and not making it to be known – that very few people will ever hear about this. On top of that – to discourage anyone who does learn of this development – they make up quite a lot of negative stories and send them out in any way they can – mainly the mainstream media.

Allegedly this system would lead to theft, fraud and the de-valuation of money. This only goes to show that they haven’t got the slightest idea of what they are talking about, because these are exactly the three points that this system rules out! Of course they are aware of/they do consider the possibility that too many people will discover this and start using it. These people could very well then take their money out of the (prone to fraud, expensive and possibly failing) banks.

This would cause the Cabal-directed financial world to loose even more power and control. With all their might they are trying to avoid that from happening … so now they are concocting a ‘similar’ system … but without the freedom, transparency and fairness that are the strength of the original idea.

With the information we have received in all of the messages, about the meticulous protection of our riches, RV and the Lightworkers that are involved, I would deem it highly unlikely for the world of banking to succeed with their plans.
Some of you may have already guessed that I am referring to Bitcoin and Blockchain! Blockchain can be considered the carrier, the frame/network or foundation of Bitcoin. Blockchain offers a vast array of possibilities, that aren’t even explored or thought of yet … but following that road would make this a way too lengthy blog ;-). Therefore I will stick to the Bitcoin story for now.

It is very important to call this technology by its proper and correct name ‘Bitcoin’ and to see ‘Blockchain’ as the supporting Network, which it is. The reason for this being that the financial world also uses this technology (I’ll get back on this issue later on). But they call it ‘Blockchain’, for one obvious reason: their dislike of the word ‘Bitcoin’. This is why they try to depict Bitcoin as a ‘bad’ technology, mainly used by criminals, terrorists and for pornography. Let us therefore use the term ‘Bitcoin’ with pride, to emphasize the positive application of it.

First of all: Bitcoin is for all of us.

It offers the opportunity to receive money, make payments, save, perform honest and fair transactions … in the most swift and secure way possible. For those interested in any further technical information … Google can lead you to a variety of websites, offering just that!

I want to discuss with you the possibilities that I see with regard to/following the knowledge from the messages I have thus far translated, concerning 5D and RV.

This is how I see things, after translating all those messages:

* The whole concept of Bitcoin and Blockchain was designed and given unto humanity by beloved Saint Germain and Lady Quan Yin. They are the power behind the implementation of RV and GCR.
It is unclear who actually conceived or engineered this Bitcoin/Blockchain. We know of one name: Satoshi Nakamoto, but nobody knows whether this is just one person or a group of people. We know for sure, however, that the very first Bitcoin Block was made on January 3, 2009. This block contained the cryptic message ‘The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks‘. This refers to the front page of ‘The Times’, dated January 3, 2009 and it is proof that the first Bitcoin came into existence at that date – but it also gives us an indication of the situation in the world of banking at that time.

From a 5D point of view, this has no further importance. The only thing that matters is the Highest Good for everyone … who contributed to that purpose, is irrelevant. As long as the desired result is attained … and with everything that I have heard, I’m quite sure it will … with flying colours!

* The Elders and (more specific) the ancient Chinese families, are the keepers of the vast riches that make the foundation of RV and that are about to be released … They had to be convinced of the safety of the handover, in order for them to release the funds.
At this moment, Bitcoin is the one most safe and anti-fraud means of payment in the whole world. Besides that, the invention, the technology and the complete software code of Bitcoin are released to the public, in what is known as ‘Open Source’. After it going public, Satoshi Nakamoto has no control or authority whatsoever on the technology or the software. The management lies now with the Open On-line Bitcoin community. She has to approve any and all changes to the core technology and/or core code. This is done through a technical form of ‘majority of votes’.

* A lot of hard work has been put into forming a means of sharing and transferring, which is completely safe and fair, so the Cabal cannot lay their hands on ‘our’ wealth.
With Bitcoin, the ‘owner’ of the correct, personal and strongly secured codes is also the owner of the Bitcoins that come with it. No bank or government can skim these accounts. They cannot take them away or stall them. The money for your hard labour is – and remains – your property. This means, however, that ‘we, the people’ will have to learn to keep our money safe ourselves. In the past centuries we have learned to entrust our money to the banks. Now we will have to learn how to store it and keep it safe, because it is now fully our own responsibility.

* There will be a brand new ‘banknote/currency’ with an unprecedented high value.
The value of Bitcoin is fluctuating nearly every second to the real value of that moment (this depends on what is being sold/bought by the users). All of this is done by computers, without any human intervention. The only way to influence the value of it, is by buying or selling Bitcoin on the open market. This completely rules out any chance of manipulation or artificial fluctuations. When I first heard of Bitcoin, the exchange rate of it was 1 Bitcoin to 400 euro. Now (July 2016) its value went up to 600 euro. (At the time of this translation – November 9, 2016 – 1 Bitcoin is worth 668 euro).

Bitcoin can be divided into 8 decimal ‘units’. The smallest being 0,00000001 Bitcoin = 1 Satoshi. This makes for even the smallest of amounts to be payable.

* In the very near future, the RV will be fully implemented in the whole world.
This can only be done by using safe, digital transfers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ’transfer of vast amounts of money across the borders’ as is mentioned in the messages, was done with Bitcoin.

* Taxes will be abolished.
Bitcoin nor Blockchain ask for names or personal data. There is no need for that, because everything is done via computers that only use combinations of numbers/letters. With a regular bank account, the owners identity, the amount of money and all of the transactions are known or can be traced back. This is not the case with Bitcoin.

* Money transfers will be fair, open and transparent.
All transactions – worldwide – are done digitally. They can be viewed at any given moment, by anyone who owns a Bitcoin Wallet. Remember that ONLY the transfers (something sending Bitcoins to something else) can be viewed, not the data of the persons involved!

I use the term ‘something’ on purpose, let me explain why: as opposed to a bank, with Bitcoin a person doesn’t have to register an account. So an autonomous thing can own and manage Bitcoins. For example: a car (with a computer and Internet access) can have its own Bitcoin Wallet. This car then IS the taxi-company, the customer orders the taxi via computer and pays for the ride with Bitcoins. If there is any need for a repair or a new set of tires, the car pays for it with Bitcoins out of its own Wallet!

Thanks to the transparent way Bitcoin works, anyone can look up at any given moment, just how many Bitcoins there are on the market. Thus, nobody can ‘skim’ or ‘steal’ anything.

Technologies are being developed that will make the Blockchain transfers completely anonymous – they will then be impossible to trace. This opens up whole new possibilities of privacy protection, eg. for companies who don’t want their contender to know what they are selling or buying. No-one should be able/allowed to see my financial transactions, if I don’t want them to.

On the other hand, the Bitcoin technology offers to people and organizations the possibility to be 100% transparent – if they so wish. Imagine how wonderful that would be for non-profit organizations like the Red Cross and such! (Or maybe that’s exactly what they don’t want, in the light of the ongoing bribery with the echelons of so many ‘good cause’ organizations …)

All data, since the very first beginning in 2009, are still readily available.

* Theft and fraud will be made impossible.
Every Bitcoin that has ever been or will ever be mined, is and will always be traceable. A total of 21 000 000 Bitcoins will be ‘made’ – after that the production ceases and never more will there be any Bitcoins added. This is to prevent a diminishing of its value, which can occur with too great amount going around.

It is impossible to take away or erase any data, from or within Bitcoin. Everything that has ever taken place, remains traceable for the whole community. Every transfer is being verified multiple times, by different computers in different locations. This is called ‘Mining and Proof-of-Work’. No-one owns the Bitcoin technology en no-one controls it. There is no question of making profit, eg by dividend or stock sale. The only profit you can make, is when they gain more value after you have bought them on the open market.

* The new currency will be a ’transition currency’, until the time comes when we will no longer have a use for money.
What better way to go, than the Bitcoin way! We will still have the concept of ‘money’, that we were used to. So we can gently get used to a new way of thinking, but in the meantime it is also a ’trading currency’ with which we can trade fairly, without intervention or control by third parties (who would love to chip in on the profit that is made by our hard work).

The Bitcoin/Blockchain technology is really a technology for the safe and protected ‘switching owner’ or ‘anything’ – without a middle-man. This is possible, because Blockchain issues a ‘notary message’, with a date and time. This equals an agreement at the notary.

* In the 5th Dimension, no war, no violence, no weapons … will be allowed on Earth any more.
With the monies on our regular bank accounts, the banks are financing wars and conflicts. They lend it to the manufacturers of weapons and other items for warfare. No matter how much we desire peace, our money is being used for purposes that we have no knowledge of and no saying over. (I know that some banks do work differently, but they are too small on the world stage and they are outnumbered by the ‘big boys’!) With Bitcoin, our money is really ours and nobody can use it for any crazy stuff … what a reassuring thought!

In another blog we will talk some more about the use of Bitcoin and some form of a system that is called ‘Pay it Forward’, in order to finance a Basic Income for everyone in this world. The current, imposed taxing system is incompatible with Bitcoin, so we have to find another way.

Considering that poverty is the main reason why the war industry can persuade people to go and fight their wars for them … we can significantly reduce the number of people who want to go fighting, if we can provide them with safe social circumstances – through a Worldwide Basic Income.

Within the framework of the RV, we can take this even further: if our money is really ours, if it is fully at our disposal and if no-one can claim (a part of) it … how much more will there be available to pursue or perform beautiful, amazing and trailblazing things for ourselves, our loved ones, Mother Earth and humanity in the 5D world?

Just imagine what grand and innovative projects could be created by so many people, if only they didn’t have to worry anymore about their financial or social conditions and if they were no longer forced to work in underpaid jobs – or worse: being forced to participate in ‘working experience projects’ by the government.

5D is all about dreaming, visualizing, creating, manifesting …

What then, if we would spend the extra money that we will have,
on fulfilling the beautiful dreams about a better world,
on food and housing for our fellowmen in need,
on relieving the suffering of animals,
on caring for the Earth and Nature …

What then, if thanks to Bitcoin
not a penny will ever again be misappropriated,
and all of our spendings will really go to the cause we donated for?
What then, if it’s not us waiting for the RV, but the RV is waiting for us?
For our awakening, for a change in our attitude and approach?
What then, if after reading this blog,
at least you will start thinking and start investigating for yourself,
if/how this could be of interest to you?

I have no personal interest in this whatsoever, I don’t get dividend and I don’t have any stocks … I also don’t want to persuade or convince anyone. But I am pretty sure that the saying ‘unknown, unloved’ also goes for Bitcoin.

I had heard about all this quite some years ago, but it wasn’t explained to me properly and so it kind of ‘slipped away’. Fortunately, now I have gotten a clear view of what it is and what possibilities it has to offer.

That is how I got the feeling that this just might be … maybe the answer to our prayers … that we are offered a solution so simple and pure, that it will take us a huge step forward.

Dearest readers, there is still so much more to tell about this subject and I do realize that this blog may lead to more questions than were answered. You are welcome to ask your questions on info@spiritueellezen.org. We will do our best to answer them carefully.

Of course I am aware that there are lots of negative stories going around on the Internet, but I think you are very capable of making up your own mind and following your own heart.

Much love,


* * * * *

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