May 27th, 2020

In Italy, the cure for C19 may be found

Dear reader,

I came across the English translation of an interesting article, a couple of days ago. The information seems to be coming from the Italian Ministry of Health, but I couldn’t verify that since I do not speak or read Italian.

Normally I wouldn’t put out information that I cannot verify, but I am willing to make an exception. Ever since the first news reports came out about the way C19 affects people and the symptoms they develop, I have always had doubt that it was really a VIRUS. I felt there was more to it, than just that …
This article, that I will share with you down below, seems to lead to the same conclusion.

So I thought I would pass it on to you, and as always I ask you – as with any information from any source, in any language or form – to really FEEL for yourself, if it resonates with what YOU KNOW TO BE TRUE in your Heart!

I also want to state again, that I have no medical or scientific education and by no means do I imply any of this to be THE (ONLY) TRUTH … but I would like to put it out there with the question … ‘WHAT IF’? What if this is true? What if more people would know about this and would – at the very least – start looking into it, start researching or questioning it?
That is what I want you to do: go and find out for yourself what your heart tells you to be true … FOR YOU! Always looking for the Highest Good for our Planet and mankind!



deze tekst is vanuit het Italiaans vertaald naar Engels

The Italian doctors disobeyed the WHO world health law, not to make an autopsy on the coronavirus dead and they found that it is not a VIRUS but a BACTERIA that causes death. This causes blood clots and the patient to die.

Italy beats the so-called Covid-19, which is nothing but “disseminated intravascular coagulation” (Thrombosis)

And the way to fight it – or better yet, cure it – is with ‘antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants’. ASPIRIN, indicating that this disease has been poorly treated. This sensational news to the world was produced by Italian doctors by performing autopsies on patients who died from Covid-19.

According to Italian pathologists ‘The ventilators and the intensive care unit were never needed.’

Thus, in Italy, the change of protocols began.

ITALY claims that the global pandemic was revealed and augmented by the WHO, * and that this remedy was known all along by the WHO, but they did not inform China * FOR FINANCIAL PURPOSES *.

Source: Italian Ministry of Health.

@ italiarevelacurardelcovid19

Pass it on to all your family, neighbours, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, and as many people as possible:
If they contract Covid-19 … which is not a virus – as they led us to believe – but a bacteria that is amplified with 5G electromagnetic radiation, which also produces inflammation and hypoxia.

They can do the following: Take aspirin 100 mg and Apronax or paracetamol … Why? …

Because Covid-19 has been shown to clot the blood, which causes thrombosis. This prevents the blood from flowing and oxygenating the heart and lungs. The patient can die rather quickly from not being able to breathe.

In Italy, they put aside the WHO protocol and did an autopsy on a Covid-19 dead … they dissected the arms, legs and organs and found proof that the veins were dilated and filled with blood clots. All the veins and arteries were filled with thrombi, preventing the bloodstream and the transportation of oxygen to the organs, mainly the brain, heart and lungs, so the patient ends up by dying.

Knowing this diagnosis already, the Italian Ministry of Health immediately modified the Covid-19 treatment protocols … and began to administer aspirin 100 mg and Apronax to their positive patients …This resulted in the patients beginning to recover and getting well again. Since, the Ministry of Health released and discharged over 14000 patients in one single day.

URGENT: spread this information and make it viral, in your country. They lied to us, with this pandemic, the only thing that our governments do every day is give us data and statistics, but not this information to save citizens … Might they also be threatened by elites (Cabal – V)?
Surely, we do not know all the governments of the world, but Italy has broken records because they were already overwhelmed and in a serious chaos of daily deaths.

Now the WHO … should be prosecuted all over the world for having concealed so many deaths and having caused the collapse of the economies of many countries in the world … We now understand their order to INCINERATE or bury the bodies immediately without autopsy … and to label them as highly polluting …

It is up to us to spread the truth and the hope of saving many lives ….
This is why the antibacterial gel and the chlorine dioxide works …
This whole PANDEMIC is because they want to vaccinate and chip us, to assassinate the masses, to control them and reduce the world population.



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