December 25, 2022

Dear reader,

this blog is titled ‘A Blessed Year’, for that is what I consider 2022 to be.

We have been told over and over again for many, many years:
‘hang on, you’re almost there’; ‘soon’; ‘we are nearing the end’; ‘just a little longer’ …
but there were never any signs of it, and nothing was shown to us.

We were almost literally left in the dark with only our Belief – deep in our Souls – to hang on to … and even that would waiver at times.

Some of the older generation of Light Warriors have been keeping strong
for over 50-60 years, with little to no signs of progress for a long time.
Some of them are still with us to this day, their bodies are fragile but the Light in their heart and their Soul is burning Stronger than ever before …
Others have passed on to the Light. Their bodies became too frail to withstand the Energies roaming the Earth – but their Strength, their Love and their Light are still with us, they support and encourage us, they guide us and cheer us on …

It takes an innate Strength and an incredibly strong Trust, to keep the Faith and the Light in your heart burning Brightly for so long and even in the darkest hours before daybreak … but we were chosen from the Strongest of the Strong and so we did, against all odds … We didn’t give up and we didn’t give in – our Soul wouldn’t let us – and now we finally get to see what our perseverance and labour have accomplished.

We really are in the last stages of this Game, and we can see the signs all around us.
The forces of Darkness are still strong in some ways,
but their strength is waning, and their power is diminishing.
As the saying goes ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ and by the desperate measures they take, we can clearly see that the Darkness is getting desperately desperate. They see how their reign is faltering and they have no way out … so they trash and claw around and use every trick in the book to salvage what they can …
but to no avail.

Everything the Realms of Light have told us in all their messages
is now becoming visible, tangible, noticeable … undeniable.
We are alive today to witness the Endgame
and to see how everything that we were told is now happening.
The old structures of Darkness that kept us imprisoned
are crumbling under the weight of the Light
that has Awakened in so many Souls, over the past few years.

The Light that is coming through, the Light that we helped bring in, will continue to gain in Strength into next year and the years to follow.
Nothing can stop what is coming: a Beautiful and Bright New Era of Love, Light and Truth.

So yes, despite the hardships,
the sometimes sudden and unexpected departure of loved ones,
the (still growing) chaos that surrounds us now and the – sometimes quite rude – Awakening that still needs to take place …
I truly believe that 2022 was a blessed year
and I very much hope 2023 will be even more Blessed!

On behalf of your DreamTeam I wish you
a Joyful Christmastime and a Wonderful New Year!


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