A heartfelt welcome to you, dear reader!

Thank you for visiting our website, thank you for reading our postings, and most of all … thank you for being YOU!

For the most part, spiritual messages and channelings are given in English.
But a lot of people can’t read other languages beside their own. This is why, over 35 years ago, I started translating some of those wonderful books and messages to Dutch, which is my native language.

Every now and then I write a blog of my own. Mostly in response to questions or remarks from my readers or people I happen to meet. In every blog I always try to approach things with Light and Love, and to convey the Truth as I have learned it from the translations.

There is but One Truth, although it has many faces … for each individual is entitled to see the Truth from their own perspective.

In my blogs I give you MY perspective on things … and I do feel that it might be helpful if the information from the channelings is viewed in another Light and from another angle.

Although there already are so many precious and valuable writings out there, I still believe mine might be of interest … That is why I have now decided from now on to translate my blogs to English, for you to read and enjoy!

Please feel free to email me if you have any question or remark regarding this blog or any other subject – whether or not is it spiritually related.
I will be more than happy to ‘shine my Light’ upon it, at your request!
Should your mail be eligible for a blog, rest assured that your personal details will be carefully removed.