25 January 2020

When I get emails or hear people talk about everything that is going on in the world, I often hear things like ‘this is inhumane!’, ‘the world has/the people have gone insane’, ‘how can *they* allow this to happen?’, ‘will it never end?’, ‘this is more than anyone can bear’ …

And then I realize that there are still so many people who do not know, do not see, do not understand … even though we have been receiving these messages from the Realms of Light, in which we are forewarned and prepared for precisely these circumstances. Some people come to great doubts, they can’t/won’t/don’t dare to free themselves of this negative spiral, they would rather quit and throw in the towel.

I really try to understand them, but I can’t … Maybe that is because, for myself, I DO feel that I have the answers to the questions that they struggle with … or maybe it’s because during the translations of so many messages, I was able to absorb their Knowledge, Wisdom, Love and Power into my Being.

I have taught Lessons for many years and later on I ‘only’ did the translations of so many spiritual messages and channelings. Maybe now the time has come for me to present to you what I have learned from the Teachings that we were given – from my point of view.

In this blog I will give you my answers and insights, most of which have derived from the messages from the Federation of Light and White Cloud, both channeled by Blossom Goodchild. Maybe it will resonate with you, maybe it will help you along your way, maybe it will clarify things for you … Or maybe you will just get encouragement or awareness from it.

Either way, this is how I see things in these exciting times.

Now, let me get back to the questions at the beginning of this blog.

‘The world has/the people have gone insane’
It certainly would appear that way.
But what is REALLY going on, is that the people have awoken! The lullaby that has lulled us and kept us in oblivion for so long, is playing no longer. So now we wake up and we see the world as it really is, without the blurred filter they made us wear since time began. For eons we have been kept in slumber and we were forced to pollute, lute and destroy our beautiful Mother Earth.

Long time ago we fell asleep in this paradise world and now we wake up to a disaster zone. On top of that, they want to put the blame for all this on us, because ‘mankind did this’ … according to those, who once had power over us. They think that they still have that power or that they will be able to get it back, that they can lull us back to sleep again, that no one will ever find out what they did to us … but the can of worms has been opened, the lid has blown off and now this can will be fully emptied! It will take a while before everything is cleaned up. But we are working on it, and that is the main thing, for now.

‘keeping up like this, world war 3 is on the way’
That is what they want us to believe, and the mainstream media eagerly spread that rumor! But it won’t happen, for a number of reasons.

To start with … those that were in power are losing their grip on us. (For this blog, just let me call them ‘the havebeens’ – but they are also known as the dark forces, the Reptilians, the Illuminati or the Cabal. All these names are interconnected, but not quite the same.) Less people are willing to blindly follow orders and take other lives – or give their own life – ‘for God and country’.

Secondly, there is the fact that there is ever less negative energy in the world. This energy is what the havebeens need to perform their schemes. This is also the main reason why these same havebeens are trying so hard to spread their seeds of fear and hatred. Imminent danger of conflict here; the threat of war over there; the threat of climate change and catastrophes; of contagious diseases; threats of this and that … but they can’t get their plans to work. They try their best, hoping that they can replenish their withering supply of energy – but they can’t get it to work on a larger scale.

And then there is this Proclamation of Father/Mother God: ‘there will be no further harm inflicted upon our Children.’

I can hear some of you saying ‘o really? Has she been watching the news, lately?’
To be honest, yes, I do follow the news, although very limited. I don’t need to see all the pictures or hear every detail. I KNOW and FEEL what is going on, and my daily service to the Light is focused on cleaning up and supporting – not feeding into all the negativity surrounding it.

But would you please read the Proclamation again?
‘there will be NO FURTHER harm inflicted upon our Children.’

The keyword here is ‘NO FURTHER.

Father/Mother God are stating very clearly: this Game must still run its course; it must be played out by the rules. But there is a big difference to earlier days: the rules will not be changed anymore AND there will be NO NEW RULES ADDED. What was going on, will play out. But nothing will be added to it any longer!

This means: no new weapons, no new conflicts, no new wars, no new misery.

Still, everything that had been prepared, everything that was already set in motion … must follow through. The Game ain’t over ‘till the fat Lady sings!

‘this is inhumane!’
Yes, it is, although the general meaning of this is different from how I see it.

Of everything that is going on now, nothing is of human origin. Humans are involved, humans perform in it, humans fight for it (or against it), they feed it or weaken it … but it was never designed or wanted by humans.
The havebeens are not human, nor have they ever been. They are Energies and Entities that have taken on a human form, so they could more easily maintain their power and control over us.

But guess what?
We, the Light-workers, are also not human in the usual meaning of that word!
We are Light-workers and Light-beings, and we too have taken on a human form for practical reasons.

We are the Elite troops from the Realms of Light, we are the Chosen Warriors of Light, we are the Bravest of the Bravest, the Strongest of the Strongest, we were especially chosen TO ENGAGE IN THIS BATTLE FOR MOTHER EARTH AND MANKIND, AT THIS PLACE, IN THIS HOUR …
We are educated, trained and prepared to withstand EVERYTHING the havebeens and the Game will throw at us.

Of course, we do not have to fight alone. We have the help, encouragement, cheering on, guidance, support and Love of countless Light-beings!

But we, you and me, we have come here – at our own request – to be in these End-times.
With all the challenges, with all the suffering, all the chaos, doubt, insecurity, pain and grief …

And we have insisted on being appointed for THIS ASSIGNMENT, because WE KNEW AT THAT TIME THAT WE WOULD BE UP TO IT. We knew we were strong, wise and loving enough to endure this all – and come out of it Victoriously. We knew all that when we accepted this job, but while residing in 3D for so long, we forgot all about it.

That is why Beings such as White Cloud and the Federation of Light have come to us. With pointers, with encouragement, with reminders of who we really are and to prepare us for our return to the full awareness of WHO WE REALLY ARE – AND WHY WE HAVE COME HERE.

They came to help us REMEMBER: who we are, what we are capable of, why we came.
They have provided us with tools and have helped us to delve deep into ourselves to find the power – the weapons, if you like – we can use to fight this Battle … and win!
They brought us information, a heads up of what was to come, meditations, visualizations, the mantra I AM THE LIGHT! I AM THE LOVE! I AM! … but most of all they gave us their Love and their Wisdom, tangibly present in every message.

This is how we know now: we have everything in store to succeed … if only we would put it to use.

Hanging our head; letting ourselves be pulled down by the misery we see around us; suffer along with Mother Earth, nature and all her inhabitants; to only focus on everything that is not nice and good in our world …

That is NOT why we are here!
That is NOT the task we took upon us to fulfill!
And it most certainly is NOT the way we are going to win this Battle!

It is in the heat of the Battle, that the toughest Warriors come to their full potential. I truly do believe, we are at the eve of that Battle. Everything we see around us in our world, is leading up to it. The people must come to realize and understand all that has gone wrong and that can only come from open and boldly laying all the facts on the table.
That is why there is so much going on, right now. Every last person has to become aware of the need and the inevitability of this cleansing, this Battle and these Changes. People have to hear the wakeup call, because soft kisses and whispering their name hasn’t woken them up. So now the clarion call is due.

‘How can * they * allow this to happen?’
Who are meant by * they *?
The leaders of the world, the governments, the scientists, the richest people on Earth?
Not only do they allow it, they enable it! Because a weak, sick mankind will not oppose to their plans.

When people are happy, healthy, strong and thriving … they might just come up with some crazy ideas like ‘everyone is equal’ and ‘we should respect Mother Earth and her abundance’ or ‘all wealth should be evenly distributed among all the people’ … Just imagine that such ideas would gain momentum and that the havebeens would have a little less power or wealth! The horror! … So, they do everything they can to keep the people weak and suppressed: disease, war, (man-made) catastrophes, epidemics, debts …

But the worst nightmare of the havebeens is now coming true: the people ARE awaking, and they start to notice everything that is wrong. They no longer numbly agree with how things are going, so now it’s all hands on deck to get us back in our harnesses again.
Fast spreading viruses, huge wildfires, manipulation of our weather, the threat of terror and war, even more taxes … all this in the hopes that the people will get scared again, to make them doubt and think that maybe they would better be docile and put their fate in the hands of the havebeens … and to make people convince others.

So, the question ‘how can *they* allow this to happen?’ should rather be ‘are *WE* going to allow this to happen for much longer?’. I sincerely hope that many of you will join me in saying ‘NO’ to that!

‘Will we ever see the end of this?’
Sure we will! But it won’t be tomorrow or next week. If we try to put a date to it, then we are in for disappointment. Let’s just focus on doing our job, for when we look at it that way, it will all be over sooner than we are expecting now. I truly believe this to be so!

As I have said before, everything that was already planned, prepared and ‘in the pipeline’ must run its course. This helps to dry out the negative energy that is still present and available on Earth. With every move the havebeens make, they use this energy. It is up to us, mankind, to not refill that supply for them. So, our best response to their stories of fearmongering would be to dismiss them with Love and pay no further attention to them.

The Federation of Light has told us time and again that the can of worms MUST and WILL be opened, and that many will go into shock, or will get very angry or deeply saddened and will start to doubt everyone and everything.

They have told us this was going to happen and they have taught us that ESPECIALLY in the midst of all this chaos and these discoveries, IT IS UP TO US to stay steadfast, trustfully keeping our eyes focused on the Light and our lives ON COURSE, so that our fellow humans can take heart from our strength and our example. They have given us several tools, they have trained and prepared us, so that we can sail through gale force and still remain in control. All this – and then some – we were privileged to learn from them in all those years.

We are only standing at the beginning of everything that HAS to happen, to cleanse Mother Earth. This is but a breeze, compared to what lies ahead.
The choice is ours: will we hold on and give it our all?
Or do we jump overboard and let ourselves be submerged by the waves?

So many people have already awakened in the past decades, but the process of ALL HUMANKIND becoming aware, must be taken to a larger scale. The coming of knowledge of what has been inflicted upon us, must be quickened.

This is important, because that can of worms has to be fully emptied. And that can only happen through awareness … All the atrocities it contains, must be revealed and made public. That way all Souls who are involved with it – in any way, with any of these terrible things – can break the Energetic ties they have with it and can really FREE themselves from it.

An imperative part of this work is FORGIVING.
In coming to knowing our involvement and in breaking those ties, we must VERY CONSCIOUSLY and from the deepest deepness of our heart offer Loving Forgiveness … to ourselves and to ALL others who are/were involved.
It is the ONLY WAY we can truly CLEANSE ourselves from any and all blame.

No guilt, no shame, no judgement … only forgiveness, from a Loving heart!

‘surely this is more than any human can bear’…
The people who have only just awoken, cannot bear this. We have had the Knowledge, the Awareness and the Preparation. They are quite literally thrown into deep water and they are in danger of going under in doubt, fear, grieve, anger, confusion …

Therefore, it is crucial that we take our job seriously, but more important: THAT WE START GETTING TO IT!! We came here to help our fellow men (the Souls who have not/not yet fully come to awareness).

We must give them the reassurance that all will be well. To share our Knowledge and Insight with them, to help them to – in a very short time – become Aware of who they are and what potential that bears. But also, to help them NOT to follow with the negative energy that must be cleared out, and to focus instead on the positive Energy that gives them the Strength to hold steady and help with the clearing out.

In turn, they can become Light-workers who can help others. This is a job we have to do TOGETHER, for as long as it takes to get every last one to cross the Rainbow bridge, into the New World.

‘All those years of praying, reading the messages, performing Light-work and having faith … it was all in vain. I don’t see the results anywhere. I need a sign that my work has made a difference, but all I see is negativity.’
An often-heard lament … but so not true.
All the work of all those years has led up to the point where NOW this cleansing can take place! We have cleared blockages; we have dissolved clouds of dark and heavy energy; we cleansed the Astral kingdom of negative Entities; we have brought creatures of Darkness into the Light; we have helped people to awaken; we have spread the Truth and we have anchored the Light – into ourselves and into the Earth …

And NOW … now we see what all that hard work was for: we can FINALLY start our initial assignment. The Great Change, the Event, the Happening or however you may call it … can finally begin. And WE have made it possible! THIS IS THE SIGN that our work was really of importance and that we achieved our goal.

Let us take pride in that, let us look back upon it all with Joy, let our hearts be intensely happy with all this. We succeeded in Act 1. Now we can start with – and be part of – Act 2.

Will we encounter pain, sadness, misery, appalling pictures and revelations, anger, mistrust, rejection and maybe even aggression? Probably, yes, because that is what the havebeens are still working towards.

Will we let ourselves be caught, will we play their game, and will we grant them our precious Life-force?

That choice is up to each of us personally, but my answer is a very distinct NO!
My Light and my Lifeforce are mine and mine alone, and I CHOOSE to put them in service to the Light-work, for THE HIGHEST GOOD of Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her.

Therefore I call upon each of you, my fellow Light-workers, to now take up your full assignment … heads held high, eyes towards the Light, our hearts full of courage and our arms wide, to carry the Love to all who are in need of it. Each of us in our own place, to our own abilities, to our own assignment … in Light, Love and Unity … for as long as it will take!


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