May 22, 2020

Dear reader,

in these strange and often worrisome times, people are looking for answers – or at least an explanation or maybe some positive news. Of course, being a Lightworker helps to a certain degree to keep the faith and the spirits up. But every now and then we REALLY could use some down to earth news … a clear and simple message of HOPE.

I think your DreamTeam may have found such a message!

For some time now, a lot of people have major concerns about 5G and a possible connection to C19. I had heard of those rumours and I had read those mails, but I never worried too much about it.

I always felt that 5G towers CAN/COULD be bad news, but the emphasis should be on ‘CAN/COULD’ – not on ‘bad news’. You see, I believed that those towers, although INTENDED by the cabal to cause terrible harm … would be taken over by the Light-forces and put to use for our Greater Good. I’m not technical at all, but I thought they would maybe be useful as transmitters for the free energy …

Only today did I receive an article that gave me confirmation/further information on what I had felt/thought … and it quickly became very clear, that I was to share this message with you!

I will let you read it in a minute, but I just want to give you a little bit of explanation about one thing in the article. It’s about the CovFeFe. President Trump has tweeted about it a few times, saying that we were to ‘look up what it meant’ for ourselves.

But by the time people were ready to do that, nowhere on the internet could anyone find anything about it. This is what happened: in their eagerness to oppose EVERYTHING that could help President Trump or the people who support him, GOOGLE wiped all the information about CovFeFe. In a matter of hours, it was as if the whole word/letter combination had never existed!

But the Qanons, the people who really wanted to know what it meant – and WHY IT WAS ERASED BY GOOGLE – kept looking and finally found out the information they needed.

CovFeFe is an Arabic word. It means ‘I stand up’.

And it is the name of the magnetic device that President Trump wanted people to know about, because it supposedly can protect you – in your home – against the 5G radiation. So, I don’t know if that is really the case, or that the President merely wanted to show the people that he was going to protect them … But the mere FACT that Google took measures to ERASE a complete word from existence … might tell us that CovFeFe could be of use to us!

Now, without any further delay, I will let you go on to read the article that hopefully will help you focus on creating the Greater Good for our dear Mother Gaia and all who inhabit her!


The Tesla healing Towers

By Rhen Carberry on Facebook – with permission of the author

May 2020

Since 2019 America’s 5G Towers have been converted to 432Hz Tesla Healing Towers. They were initially created by 1% and Deep State to control and depopulate us, but Trump and his team have turned them into Tesla towers. Just like the Mexican wall is also a Tesla Healing wall. Since these 5G towers were created by 1% and Deep State, you will see a Covid-19 stamp inside.

You may have heard Trump speak of Ventilators, and how he will be shipping MANY to other countries to help with Covid-19. And while we have been told through Q that Ventilators have double meaning, many are left wondering what role these Ventilators play.

1. They are used when they rescue the children underground tunnels, as initially these children were dying as they were exposed to the surface for the first time. They realized these ventilators saved lives.

2. They are also CoVFeFe magnets which make 5G safe. It’s an alloy of Cobalt, Vanadium, and Iron creating a magnetic material that will also facilitate many innovative technological advances for our future including space travel.

CoVFeFe essentially cleanses the impurities from the 5G, and works on an ionic level to keep Oxygen from being depleted, rendering the signal harmless.

When the Deep State unleashed the virus in China, what they did was make every citizen receive a vaccine the year prior, which had the virus in it, and when they were ready to ‘unleash’ the virus to media, they turned on the 5G towers. Unfortunately in China the towers are still dangerous. But this is why you seen footage of people collapsing on the spot. It was the combination of the mandatory shots plus 5G. Here in America we did NOT see the same outcome as we did in China even though MANY have received shots contaminated with Covid-19. Why? Our 5G towers have been SAFE since 2019.

The Deep State wanted the World to fear this man-made virus, make us think it’s airborne and killing many, so that we would comply to poisonous vaccines. Had Hillary won no doubt NWO would have been finalized. As you can see in America, the states which are Democrat are on lock down, and the states which are Republican are not on lock down. Yes?? May people verify if this is true? For every Democrat (fan), what we are witnessing is them having complete control over us. Keeping us indoors, scared to go outside, mandatory masks, we can’t go back to work all year until we comply to vaccines, etc. Is this what you want?

The 1% and Deep State have been running America Pre-Columbus days. They have been purposely keeping us sick and killing us through the foods we eat, air, vaccines, lying to us saying the sun is bad, lying to us about our history while sending their own kids to a different school to learn the truth. They have damaged our DNA and calcified our pineal gland, making us sick and not aware of our true abilities. If we want to break free we have to realize we have been lied to on about 95% of what we’ve been told, and for starters we have been lied to about this virus. It is man-made, which all viruses are, and the intent is to depopulate us.
The 1% and Deep State are RH- draco (dragon) blood lines, and all these viruses they create are aimed at killing RH+ blood. This is why you see RH- 95-100% immune to ANYTHING they create. If you are not part of the 1% and D.S., and are just a regular person who is RH-, you must realize you rarely, if ever get sick. You are near 100% immune because you share their blood line, and you are 100% immune to HIV and about 95% immune to Ebola.

But the 1% and D.S. are trying to hide the info of the RH factor because it directly ties the ‘Jews’ to the Nephilim/Igigi/Seraphim. There is around 200 bloodlines and around 20 are evil. Many regular RH- people are good hearted people, but it’s still important to know where you came from and to create the perfect balance child, RH- and an RH+ should have children. The RH- 1% and D.S. DO NOT go outside of their bloodline. They want to remove all RH+ and create a NWO where it’s just RH-.

However, none of this matters any more because the satanic draco 1% and D.S. have all been arrested. Most will be executed and those having committed crimes outside of satanic rituals, will receive life at GITMO. As more people become aware of the deceit, we will eventually be told the truth.

Look up NESARA/GESARA law if you aren’t aware. We privately passed this law over a month ago, and now we are just waiting for the reveal. We are turning to a Tesla world, free from debt/slavery, healing our DNA and pineal gland, and in the process of ascending to 5D. The 1% have kept us here in 3D for 2k years or so. It’s time to heal and move forward. And to do this we need to focus on selves, eat clean, be kind to others, and connect with those who make us feel good.


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