In these End times, which are proving to be very testing for the highly sensitive people among us and which for many people raise a lot of questions, such as … ‘what is happening? Where does this lead us? What can I do? All this darkness is coming to Light, and we are asked to FORGIVE IN LOVE … BUT HOW?’ … the words of this blog may be a guidance or even an inspiration. Therefore, I am publishing it again – edited and added to. The original blog was published on our website 4 years ago. xxx Veerle

February 21, 2017

Dear reader,

in this blog I want to talk about making mistakes, acknowledging guilt, asking for forgiveness, moving on …

Each of us has had such an experience, either in ‘doing’ or in ‘receiving’. Before reincarnating, we draw the blueprint of our Life, we make arrangements with all the Souls we shall meet in this life, we apportion the roles and we discuss the script. BEFORE our incarnation everything is crystal clear and obvious … but upon incarnating, all of that is forgotten and we experience a lot of our plans as ‘surprising’ … be it pleasant or not.

Now, if the question of ‘guilt’ is unimportant, then what is it?

AWAKENING! Only when we realise that we have done wrong or that others’ wrongdoing has influenced us, can we get to ask/receive forgiveness … from/to others and from/to ourselves.

This sort of courage is not only necessary when we have made mistakes ourselves, but also if others’ mistakes have touched us. For that means that WE have allowed it. Whether knowingly or not, we have cooperated in enabling or continuing a wrongdoing.

So, it starts with awakening … and very often that takes a whole lot of courage. For it means that we must mercilessly face our actions – and take up responsibility for them.

Henceforth we can and must start working towards our further growing. This can be done by putting things straight, by repairing the damage, by working for/with the victims of our actions … but most importantly by being constantly aware that at any given moment, we can CHOOSE Light – or darkness. The choice is ours, but it is a conscious process … and it isn’t always easy … especially at first, when the darkness still has a grip on us.

But Father-Mother God, our Guides, the Angels and the Heavenly Hosts are helping us to own that process, until it becomes as easy as breathing! At first the darkness whispers to us (through our own ego) ‘it’s too hard, it can’t be done, this is too much, I’ll never make it …’

But that too are opportunities for us to CHOOSE THE LIGHT and the Good. We can walk away from dark inspirations; we do not have to listen to them.

Chanting the I AM Mantra ‘I Am Light. I Am Love. I Am Truth. I Am.’ can help us in choosing and give us the Strength to face our choice.

It is of the utmost importance to realise (and remember!) that FORGIVENESS IS NOT THE SAME AS CONDONING!

Damage that – actively or passively – has been done on a mental or physical level CANNOT EVER BE CONDONED. Forgiving does not mean that facts are being erased or that they never happened.

But by forgiving we change the Energy of the MEMORY to those happenings. This Energy is being transformed from ‘painful/damaging/lasting’ to ‘lesson/growth/passing’. This is the best – and only – way for us to really be able to go on with our life. This way we can free ourselves from the prison of those memories and start working towards our own Future. From experience I KNOW that this is a process. It takes time and perseverance, but most of all it takes AWARENESS of – and acknowledgement of our own Power and Choices.

People who suffer from the things that have been done unto them, often live in some sort of cocoon that should protect them from further being hurt. Understandable, but they do not realise that their pain is ENCAPSULATED in that very same cocoon. And as long as the cocoon is in place, they will stay submerged in their pain.

To get out of it, to get away from it, this cocoon has to be thrown off in order for the Light to reach them again. They have to realise that this cocoon that offered safety at first, now has become a prison. The moment this insight gets a hold, the longing grows to break out of it and to GET FREE from the old pain. THAT is when a very fast switch can take place. The beautiful, hurt beings start working on the process of forgiving and thus bring about their own Release.

For everyone reading this and not believing it to be possible … it is hard to believe … when you have lived in that closed cocoon, with so much pain … it REALLY IS possible!

I have witnessed it happening, I was allowed to see the whole process from very close by and to offer support and guidance when possible … and from that grey cocoon of pain, hurt and insecurity a wonderful butterfly emerged! With the scars of battle – both visible and hidden – and surely some work to be done … but beautiful and strong and able to Love deep and sincere and to face this World with Love, Light, Truth and the Wisdom that can only be obtained by conquering struggles and Life itself.

Would I have wished for things to be different? Of course. I wish this damage had never been done. I wish that nobody in this world would ever have to suffer at the hands of others.

But even the Butterfly is now happy in discovering its own Power and Strength, and I am forever grateful to have shared in this experience, for maybe I can help someone (even if it is only one person) to become Free and walk towards a Future full of Light.

It matters not how long ago the wrong was done, it matters not how long our wrongdoing lasted, it matters not if those involved are still in our life or not … forgiveness can be offered and received, at all times.

When a personal encounter isn’t possible or desirable, we have a very powerful and Loving tool for forgiveness to our disposal: the Ho’oponopono!

You can do this your own way … or you can adopt this way 😉 …

If necessary, put in place or reinforce your protection, such as your Ascension Pillar or your Pillar of Light. Make the connection with Mother Earth and with Father/Mother God in the Realms of Light. Let your own Light shine bright, in your Pillar and far beyond.

Now focus your intention on the wrong that was done or on the people that were afflicted by it.

Count yourself in on this, for both the wrongdoer and the one afflicted by it are involved! Open your heart to receive the forgiveness and the Love that are about to be sent out.

Then speak out loud, from the deepest depth of your heart, the most healing and powerful words humanity has to offer, the HO’OPONOPONO.

Repeat this as often as needed, until you can FEEL IT IN YOUR HEART:

I am sorry.

I Love you.

Please forgive me.

Thank you!

After this you can ask Father-Mother God, your Guides, your Angels and the Heavenly Hosts to help you from now on to choose the Light – in any and all circumstances.


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