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About us …


About us

My name is Veerle, I am a native Dutch speaker.
For over 35 years now, I have been translating  spiritual messages and books, (mostly) from English – and occasionaly French or German – to Dutch.
In 2012 I became the authorised Dutch translator for the messages of Dr. Kathryn E. May.
Since 2018 I am the official Dutch translator for the messages of Blossom Goodchild.
These translations can also be found on www.galacticchannelings.com.

Your mail with questions and remarks regarding the translations or other spiritual matters is welcome at veerle@spiritueellezen.org

At first my translations were available only to a small group of friends, but that circle grew bigger and eventually led to this website. We are also on Instagram: spiritualglance

Maintaining this website and getting the translations done is too much work for one person alone. Allow me to introduce to you the people I proudly call ‘my DREAM TEAM’:

Mieke is my mother. She is a member of the editor team, she reads and corrects the first draft of every Dutch translation. Her feeling for language is very pure and I hope to have her in our Team untill ALL our work is done!

Annemie, my sister. She is the second member of our editor team. She has a keen vision on what is important – be it the choice of messages to translate or the lay-out for them. She is also in charge of all the pretty pictures we offer in our media. For questions regarding her field of expertise, you may send your email to annemie@spiritueellezen.org

Ann, my sisterfriend. We have known each other for years and our bond together goes back even further. My respect and admiration for her – as a human and as a Soul – are endless and I am very happy that she is part of our Team.

Thank you for visiting our website and for tagging along with us on this part of our journey!

Veerle, Mieke, Annemie and Ann
your DreamTeam!


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